​​Jewelry Styles

How to Order:  If you have been to one of our craft shows, you know how many designs we carry and that our inventory is always changing. That is why we have found the best way to sell Apringz on line is through emails.  Use the Contact Form or send us an email with an idea of the type of Apringz design that you would like and we will send you pictures of what we currently have in stock.  Then, you select the design, we contact you for shipping and payment information, and off to the post office goes your package.  How simple is that!

Designs & Order Information

apringz  Special

Sports, Men & Kids
Flowers & Garden
​​apringz  by Domestic Moose

If you purchase our new design Majesty Apringz for the regular price of $10, your shipping will be reduced to only $.95.  That is a savings of $2.00.

Interests & Hobbies

Each Apringz is handcrafted  to create an item that is appealing, functional, and affordable. Apringz are only $10 (plus any sales tax).  Shipping to a single address is a flat fee of $2.95 for up to four Apringz. Five or more Apringz shipped to the same address ship for FREE.  

Apringz are available in several categories including,  Jewelry Styles,  Animals & Other Creatures, Interests & Hobbies, Flowers & Garden, and Sports, Men & Kids.  Here are some of the designs currently in stock.

Animals & Other Creatures