​​apringz  by Domestic Moose

How to use :      apringz  are convenient and easy to use.  You grab your apringz, loop it around your neck, and then with a quick clip to your kitchen towel or napkin, your shirts are protected from cooking/eating splatters. And since apringz are magnetic  they attach to most refrigerators or file cabinets where they  are visible and easy to grab -- not lost in a drawer somewhere -- so no excuses.  There are many apringz designs available, including ones with a little bling, various critters,  interests,  hobbies, and many more.

The Hows & Whys of Apringz

​​​So the question is,  what apringz design do you want?

We've all been there. Fixing dinner, then splish, splash - - grease spots ruining our shirts. Or eating lunch at our desks and Oops - - we're wearing our lunch into the 2pm meeting. Sound familiar?

     apringzbegan out of necessity.  Coming home from work, my two sons were "starving" so I started fixing dinner right away.  Then splat! drip! Next thing I knew my shirt was ruined.  I didn't have an apron, kudos to those who use them but for my life -- get real -- just something else to wash and iron.   So I tried a kitchen towel (one of those is always handy), but it kept  falling off.  So by trial and error (a lot of errors) apringz were created.     

Do you really need an apringz?   Ask yourself these questions -

  • Do you brown meat, cook bacon, stir sauces, or just work in the kitchen?
  • Wash dishes/pots and lean against the sink (aka Soggy Belly Syndrome), or just want a towel handy to dry your hands?
  • Eat lunch at your desk or in your car and don't want to wear your lunch for the rest of your day?
  • Suffer from Spaghetti Night-mares -- eating pasta and drip red sauce on, of course, a white shirt?
  • Eat dinner in front of the computer or TV and spill food on your shirt?
  • Roll biscuits/cookies and don't want to wear flour the rest of the day?
  • Drip salad dressing on your shirt at the local restaurant (those tables are soooo far away)?
  • Know someone with a physical problem that has difficulty eating, but a bib... no way?
  • Have a family member or friend in the hospital, a nursing home, or assisted living?
  • Like to grill or tail gate without ruining those expensive team jerseys?
  • Are tired of wearing toothpaste or makeup flecks on your clothes?

Come on, you can tell me, how many did you check off?   ( I hit on 7!)